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Summer in the Storm Cellar

by Adam & Naive

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Elliot Kelsey
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Elliot Kelsey Took me a minute to get into it, but this album has rapidly grown on me and carries a certain aesthetic that is hard to find done well. Favorite track: Water Balloon.
Callum McCartney
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Callum McCartney Beautiful music. Beautiful band. Really wish I knew where all of the members went. Favorite track: Coconut.
Jamie (Audio Antihero)
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Jamie (Audio Antihero) Tyler from Cloud's other band pressed to lovely vinyl. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Right on, Tyler.
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Pretty 01:33
I feel my mind widening And I’m glued to your ideas You’re a wonderful story still unfolding Then I remember you’re pretty And my words turn silly I go off day doze dreaming of kissing you right here Can’t sleep But I can hear the exponential morning chirp the blue out from the black To keep me company
This City 02:01
This city is a strange place My mind unhinged from warped streets I navigate Between the truths I sang and the cards that I played This city makes the strangers all feel safe With their nudgy hands and tilted face To them the sights are straight And when luck strikes two are picked from the pile and saved Rapture to the countryside as gravity, is every force the same? This city catches me when my insight’s tired and all I want is to waste A tick in endless time and a speck in endless space
Candy Baby 03:26
Ty- And I heard the whispering of a "come here kitty" It was the whispering of a "come here kitty" that you followed Candy baby, Candy baby All prone to things unhealthy Candy baby And I put what was mine on a plane On a plane to Lisbon On a plane to Lisbon Ingrid I long for you To the point of I don’t know what to do It placed an intangible weight on my shoulders Ingrid I long for you Candy baby Find your way out Of this maze Greg- I saw it growing on your face How can you say it’s not growing? In the short breaths wedged between mistakes (we were catching glimpses) I saw you floating Asking you what your love has made To me just seems your drama’s involving I saw it growing on your face How can you lie so bold knowing Repetition dropped you the most obvious hints (but never did you fix it) Yet all these gifts you’re given All these gifts we’re given
You’re not ready to empty out your shell You’ll be a water balloon burst on a tree one bright summer and some lucky grass will swell And get to be the green and prickly ripped from earth and left there sticky On your children’s backs Itched arched like a bridge for ants to cross On to the Picnic with nitpicky hands grabbing at berries To fill your stomach up full and heavy I might be somebody’s mid daydream As they daze off looking for what’s filling Out in the woods grabbing red holly You’re all ready to open up your arms You’ll be a glass shard washed up round from the sea of some clumsy drunken kids who came to carve Up the trash that ends up sanded to shell x-rays from the hands of Man’s naïve rewards God gives, must be something that we did to Deserve all this dizzy spin walking for nothing Watch as the worlds turning really is something I might be somebody’s mid day dream As they go out spinning for what’s lovely I’m nausea that chokes laughing, what’s funny?
Pretty 2 01:15
I feel my pulse racing At the thought of your ideas You’re a beautiful day dream I see in space staring Then I remember you’re pretty So my posture gets steady You’re worth not forgetting
Something orbits nothing to make you whole Mustn’t let me be your artist or I’m gonna make you mine Trust and let your own two hands draw your body up from grass Coming out from the dark wood your dark gray Is just shade to me What did my artist mean? When the wet snow tinged your gold hair a dark blue Did you think of me The way I dream of you? Feet took you to the cold walk for four days A gift I gave: the whole truth Or a card I played
Rainy Day 02:15
I’m hiding in the kitchen You’re waiting with your ears perked up for a fidget Climbed into the highest cabinet But I’ll stay quiet Crouched in silence I’m practicing to be a spy I’m setting out the puzzle You’re waiting for the rain to stop by the window I’m asking for a favor I know it’s dumb Because we know The picture will be three wise wolves But I like your repose Like those too old To be the spy I’m cleaning out the attic You’re sneezing will uncover the dusty paintings I should really turn a light on But I’ll be subtle Feet be nimble I’m practicing to be a ghost Oh I’m sorry if I scared you I was only playing around, I didn’t mean to I like the doors that open On the rare occasion when the rain is wanted Rainy day Trapped inside Rainy day
Eighteen What do all those eyes mean? Dead night I’m alive Feeling the same awe that every sun filled boy has stargazing In amazement Road so untraveled Carry me I am still Driving and crying with the sunshades on Hiding my eyes from no one From no one And how my family’s house is so cozy and the same And all the joy I brought myself by repeating a name I want to die on a day not so far from today Eighteen Remember me I won’t stay so close Shaking on a sheet with a pretty little lover Indecision as we both unveil each other Unveiling a lover And how my family’s house is so cozy and the same And all the joy I brought myself by repeating a name I want to die on a day not so far from today
Sunbrella 03:36
It's gone back; you look good under a sunbrella And its sucking at your cheeks I'm kinda Jealous but it just wants your freckles I'll let it Kiss you, if you promise to come back when My fingers graze your arms, I won’t shiver and quit Now we carry what we’ve lost in our fists Warm on our memories, digits dancing down your wrist When the time’s right I’ll nudge you to drop when I want to travel down the path that the sun takes I want to dine with all things unhealthy and Drop my possessions, become one with the sunbridge Forget my first name and pretend I am dying When we don’t kiss anymore, and make sure that our pasts Make us laugh and look back to let the red Fly out our cheeks we’ll squeeze the easy from our hands Waving goodbye to old, even lost friends Who’ve gone back; you look good under a sunbrella And its sucking at your cheeks I'm kinda Jealous but it just wants your freckles I'll let it Kiss you, if you promise to come back when
Coconut 08:52
Greg- When the rain’s sobs have gone on far too long It’s starting to sound like the sky’s been shushing us A crowd’s dull hum muddies up our first song Then the next ones come like marching drums Starting to sound like the sun’s been hunting us A white flag flies, hiding chuckles at its trying so hard This island is a very easy place Here we don’t want to get away When the chorus comes like waking up Starting to feel like the songs been touching us We don’t want to get away Ty- I want to live in a tropical land And so I come out to the island where the only umbrella sits in a sipping glass I never realized that the sand could make the perfect bed for us to lay and daydream Today I’m a cloud in the blue Today I’m not thinking about me and you This island Kenny- Well I was counting clouds in the puddles on the ground Now they’re leaving me to be too un-intrigued to keep me looking down I raise my sight to see no more black and grey just blue and green Crooked lampposts, sunny trees, and birds I’ve never ever seen in the strange, strange city I’m happy to be here All- The most important thing is to feel important, Do you feel important at all? People who are- you are- you excited to see me, to be around me So be around me Making people smile, saying sorry like a child, makes things better, making things better Hey Arnold! Hey sunshine! My caring mother Always putting others, ahead Driving at night watching memories pass me by So be around me Here the dull hums warm as “it’s been so long” hugs It’s starting to come back to us


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released August 11, 2009

Thanks for additional instrumentals provided by Mike Fiore, as well as additional vocals by Mike Mausler, Nicole Zumpano, and Lindsay Woodville.
Recorded and engineered in the Summer of 2009 with Mike Fiore.


all rights reserved



Adam & Naive Smithtown

5 best friends from Long Island.

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